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War Horse

Michael Morpurgo

Letterpress edition of Only 580 copies published each one signed by the Author Michael Morpurgo and the illustrator Christian Birmingham


The edition comprises the following:

Collectors Edition of Only 400 copies 

Deluxe Edition of Only 154 copies

Prestige Lettered Edition of Only 26 copies

Click here to view the original artwork

War Horse Prestige Limited Edition Book
War Horse Deluxe Edition by Michael Morpurgo
War Horse Collectors Edition by Michael Morpurgo
Lettered Edition

26 Copies only 

Price: £2,500 + P&P

Signed by the author and illustrator

Published Summer 2023


Deluxe Edition

154 Copies only

Price: £700  + P&P

Signed by the author and illustrator 

Published Summer 2023

Collectors Edition

400 Copies only 

Price: £295  + P&P

Signed by the author and illustrator

Published Summer 2023



War Horse by Michael Morpurgo has been adapted into a successful stage play and film. This powerful novel tells the story of Joey, a young horse who is drafted into the British Army during World War I.

Through Joey's eyes, readers will experience the horrors and triumphs of the war as he is passed from owner to owner and witnesses the best and worst of humanity. But, at its heart, War Horse is a story of friendship, loyalty, and the indomitable spirit of one remarkable horse.

aw01_ Frontispiece.jpg
as02 I was never than a few feet away from my mother.png
aw03 joeyploughing_s.jpg


War Horse illustrations by Christian Birmingham are shown below. They are large pastels on paper, each one signed and framed. Click on the images for more details


aw4 - '...We charged out of the shade of the wood and into the sunlight of battle.jpg
aw07 once more a farm horse.png
aw06 chargetrooperwarren_s.jpg
aw11s Nomans Land_cropped.jpg
warhorse 13 crop s.jpg
aw17s Prestige Edition ending.jpg
aw15s Auction.jpg
Joey Cropped.png
aw13s youve done it.jpg
aw12s Albert & Joey reunited.jpg
aw15 - 'And so I came home from the war that Christmas-time with my Albert riding me up in

Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture


War Horse by Amy Goodman


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