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Letterpress edition of Only 580 copies

 published November/December 2023, each one signed by the Author Cornelia Funke and the illustrator Alice Cao comprising:

Collectors Edition of Only 400 copies 

Deluxe Edition of Only 154 copies

Prestige Lettered Edition of Only 26 copies

Click here to view the original artwork

Prestige Lettered Edition

26 Copies only 

Price: £1,999 + P&P

Signed by the author and illustrator

NB: Published Late 2023



Deluxe Edition

200 Copies only

Price: £650 + P&P

Signed by the author and illustrator 

NB: Published Late 2023


Collectors Edition

400 Copies only 

Price: £295 + P&P

Signed by the author and illustrator

NB: Published Late 2023



Cornelia Funke gained acclaim for her children's novels The Thief Lord (2002) and Dragon Rider (2004), originally published in Germany and later translated into English. These books garnered international attention. She further solidified her reputation with the Inkheart series, consisting of Inkheart (2003), Inkspell (2005), and Inkdeath (2007). All three books in the series were well-received, spending significant time on The New York Times Best Seller list. The popularity of these works led to their adaptation into feature films.

Due to her impressive literary achievements Time magazine recognized her influence on the literary world by including her in their prestigious list of the 100 most influential people globally.

Inkheart illo 2.jpg
Inkheart Illo 3.jpg
Inkheart illo 4 colour.jpg


INKHEART illustrations by Alice Cao are shown below. Watercoloured on B&W prints by the Artist on Hahnemühle Paper. Each artwork is unframed is signed by the artist. Click on the images for more details

Inkheart illo 5.jpg
Inkheart Illo 6 colour.jpg
Inkheart Illo 7 colour.jpg
Inkheart illo 8 colour.jpg
Inkheart illo 9 colour.jpg
Inkheart Illo 10 colour.jpg
Inkheart illo 11 colour.jpg
Inkheart Illo 12 colour.jpg
Inkheart illo 13 colour.jpg
Inkheart Illo 14 v2.jpg
Inkheart Illo 15 colour.jpg
Inkheart illo 16 colour.jpg
Inkheart illo 17 colour.jpg
Inkheart illo 18 colour.jpg
Inkheart Illo 19 colour.jpg
Inkheart illo 20 colour.jpg
Inkheart illo 21 colour.jpg
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