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Angel Dominguez

Angel Dominguez lived in Bilboa, Spain, and illustrated many books around wildlife and children’s stories.  He combined his love of Britain with his love of nature in his first children’s book, Diary of a Victorian Mouse.  A professional artist since 1971, he was also a keen collector of rare children’s books, particularly those of Arthur Rackham.

Books illustrated include: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Diary of a Victorian Mouse, Twelve Days of Christmas, Purr & Feather, The Wind in the Willows, A Christmas Carol and Treasure Island.

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Treasure Island

Illustrations created to Robert Louis Stevenson's great adventure, Treasure Island. This limited edition of  200 books was published in 2020

A Christmas Carol

Illustrations created to Charles Dickens's Christmas classic  A Christmas Carol. This limited edition of 100 Deluxe Editions was published in 2018

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The Wind in the Willows

Illustrations created to Kenneth Graham's joyful story, The Wind in the Willows. This was limited edition of 200 books published 2016

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Other Illustrations

Angel Dominguez's illustration to Arabian Night's and other publications

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